Cheerson CX 30 – Cheap Quadcopter for Kids

Cheerson CX 30
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CX-30 is small but it is built for kids to have fun. The range is limited which is good for toy grade drone because as a beginner you don’t need 5-kilometer range.


  • Easy to work with and handle. It could be called an affable sort of drone, if I may be allowed some indulgence. Due to its various speed modes, you may take the learning process either slow or very fast.
  • The onboard camera comes with WiFi, all in all negating the need for onboard memory cards, one less thing to worry. All those problems related to failed memory cards, software incompatibilities and the car falling off the copter mid-flight would be a thing of the past now!
  • The low battery alarm comes as a much-needed respite to the whole scenario of drones falling mid-air, due to a lack of battery. Now you would know when your battery is about to run out, helping you keep a tab on your drone at all times.
  • It doesn’t bind you into just taking photos and videos; you can actually enjoy its live action feed mode, making the experience even more pleasant!
  • The battery replacement procedure may look tricky on the first go, but in actuality is a very easy process to undertake.


  • The 5 minutes flying time leaves much to be desired.
  • The limited range of the controller could sometimes kill the fun and enjoyment derived from flying a drone. The whole purview of flying a drone is to be able to go longer distances and touch mighty buildings.

The Cheerson CX 30, by the Chinese behemoth, has brought about quite a flutter in the small multi-rotor bots. CX series started with the CX- 10, and now the buzz has intensified with the CX-30, a little copter with a camera. We find out if the quadcopter is deserving of the hype created or is just another dud in the ever-growing quadcopter market.

Cheerson RC

Cheerson CX 30 Remote Controler

Cheerson CX 30 Features

Aerial photography and video filming is an amazing feature of Cheerson CX 30. It can fly up to respectable heights and is able to take clear photos and videos from such heights. The best bit is its live-action feature, where it just doesn’t record the video, but as well plays it on a screen.

4 Channel rolling quadcopter provides it with an evenly spread out lift velocity, majorly reducing the chances of a crash landing. The drone uses LED light for flying in the night, If you plan on flying in the night time, there are LED lights to guide your way. Alarm for low battery helps you keep abreast of the battery at all times, to make sure you don’t fly it without properly charging it. 2 speed motor for outdoor and indoor activity, differing speeds suited to the needs of the user.

Cheerson CX 30 Specifications

Radiofrequency for the gyrocopter is 2.4 GHz, It has a 6 axis gyro stabilization mechanism. The drone is made up of a very resistant AB5 material. It could go 5-8 minutes on a single charge (the light would start blinking in case of low battery). CX 30 needs just 90 minutes to charge and could be controlled over a distance of 50-80 meters. It has a 0.3 MP onboard camera and comes in 4 hues namely orange, yellow, green and blue.

What for is good Cheerson CX 30?

Cheerson CX 30 could basically be summarized as an entry-level drone, if you are a novice of this form of entertainment and are looking forward to dabbling your feet into something easier to control, then, this may be what you are looking for. But, if you are a veteran of flying drones and have no interest in operating something that has a little 5-minute flying duration, then, you must stay away from this drone. CX 30 is the type of drone that you may gift to your kids; you can have some quality father-son bonding experience. Due to its high portability and lightweight, it is very easy to carry around, making it the perfect gift for your kid. As the drone comes with three levels of difficulty, it provides the user with an easy to learn flying. It has three variations slow, medium and fast speeds. As you get fine-tuned in flying this drone, you may increase the speeds one bit at a time.

Why should you choose it?

It provides you with the experience of flying a drone with an almost laughable price tag that entails the drone. And it could also serve as an amazing drone for the first time users, people who are new to this niche.

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