California by Drone in 4K UHD Resolution

This week we are still staying in the United States of America and the best drone video of the week is from California. Sawyer Hartman created amazing 11 minutes of California in the highest possible resolution (4K UHD Resolution).

The whole video is made like a movie, and it is backed with amazing sound effects. In the video, you can see the ocean, roads, people residential zones and other monuments of California. My favorite part of the video is sea coast and tall building towers.

If you never visited California before in this video, you can see all the beauty of this amazing part of the United States.

We need to thank Sawyer Hartman who did a fantastic job of showing all the relevant parts of California in this short video. He used DJI Phantom 4 which indeed have an excellent built-in camera of 4k UHD resolution. Other than that, DJI Phantom 4 is amazing drone capable of filming amazing videos such as this one.

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