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4 Ways Drone Racing Can Grow As A Sport

Drone racing more or less came out of nowhere to become a popular fringe sport in the United States. While drones have

Fitdrones 3 Drones Christmas Giveaway

Dear fans, members, and visitors we have decided to give three drones to random people. To enter the drawings you will need

How to Improve Your Drone Flying Skills

The sky is filled with new drones every day. The challenge is that the majority of these new drones have new pilots

4 Things You Must Know About Drones for Kids

Drones for kids are popular because you can start teaching your kid of a technology that will be most probably crucial in

How to Learn Flying with Drone Simulator

So far I was recommending for new pilots to get cheap toy grade drones to learn basic drone navigation. Unless you are

Worlds Best Drone Companies

There so many companies that are making drones and new companies pop out every day. The drone industry is the future. There

How to Choose Perfect Drone for Yourself

Drones have taken over the world, and I am not talking about military drones. I am talking about the everyday use of

How to Extend Drone Battery Life and have More Fun

Like many pilots, you might also be frustrated by your drone’s short battery life. You do not need to worry, and you

How to Fly a Drone Without Crashing

Flying a drone has become a very nice part-time activity for many people. However, this activity can be a significant challenge to

Drones and Airplanes Accidents

A drone also referred to as (UAV) unmanned aerial vehicle is simply an aircraft without a human pilot on board. Drones are