Blade Inductrix BNF Ultra Nano Drone

Blade Inductrix BNF
  • Features and Specifications
  • Remote Control Easiness
  • Design
  • Battery Life


Blade Inductrix is one of the top quality drones. it can fly as good inside as outside. It is a small drone but it has powers to withstand winds and bad weather.


  • Uses the 3.7 v battery which is readily available and cheap
  • The drone is remarkably powerful
  • Stable, wind-resistant thanks to the safe technology
  • Quite responsive
  • Indoor-friendly
  • Extremely Durable
  • Beginners Friendly Drone
  • Very cute and sweet design
  • Good indoors and outdoors
  • First Person View


  • You will need to give few coins more for Inductrix BNF
  • BNF means that the transmitter is not included

Blade Inductrix is one of the newest nano drones in the market. Equipped with a new type of propeller called Electric Ducted Fans or EDF for lesser noise produced compared to its predecessors. It also features new rotor housing for increased durability and safe flying technology. This microdrone is a combination of quadcopter and jet technology. This new idea gave its users a new and more realistic flight experience. Also, it has SAFE, the technology that makes the drone level itself automatically during operation. As a result, the control is easier when compared to other drone models available in the market.

Blade Inductrix BNF Ultra Micro Drone

Blade Inductrix BNF Ultra Micro Drone

Every gadget has its pros and cons. Customers look for drones that have smooth control for good flight experience and strong body in case of accidents like bumping on a wall or crashing on the ground.

Blade Inductrix Pros

Easy mode

This micro drone has an easy mode. This feature halves the original input needed by its user to fly and manipulate the drone. The easy mode can be activated by pressing the right stick directly and can be deactivated by sticking it again. Also, flight stability mechanisms can be disabled by pressing the left stick directly. This feature gives its user the opportunity to execute flips, rolls and other drone tricks. To activate the flight stability mechanism, the user will just need to press the left stick again. With easy mode and a little coaching from adults, children can fly the drone properly.


The sensitivity of control is necessary to pull off a good stunt with any drone. Long delays can affect the flight experience of the user and the drone’s stability. Also, accidents are more likely to happen if the user cannot operate it due to low sensitivity. Inductrix is flown smoothly with the help of spectrum technology that has an excellent response time. Beginners can lower the sensitivity of the drone by just clicking the roll stick that activates the dual rate mode. At this rate, even beginners can fly the drone. A little coaching will help, but the bottom line is that users should not worry about delays during operation.

Good for indoor use

Given that the drone is easy to manipulate and has special features for excellent sensitivity, users can use this drone in their houses. Its durable body is a plus regarding safety in case it bumps into the wall or accidentally crash on the floor.

Most Stable

Because of the drone’s SAFE technology, users do not have trouble in terms of stability during flight.

More fun

Since the drone has features that can be turned on and off, users have freedom on how they fly their Blade Inductrix. As a result, 6-8 minutes of flying time became more exciting. Also, the battery only requires 20 minutes to 30 minutes of charging time. Because of the proper combination of features and engineering, this nano drone can give its users realistic flying characteristics correlated to full-size drones.

Agility Mode
This feature is good for experienced players. In this mode, the drone flies differently. It does not automatically level itself during flight. Also, the limiters for pitch and roll banking are removed. In this manner, users can do advanced stunts and maneuvers.

Blade Inductrix Cons

  • The material that holds the ducts is quite small; as a result, it cracks easily. Users can still fly the microdrone in this condition but soon a replacement will be necessary. Replacement requires disassembly of the drone that would be not good for other users.
  • It is recommended by other users to order frames. Accidents may happen, and the frame cannot withstand the stress from a bad accident.
  • All good features come with a little expense. This drone has a higher price compared to other drones sold on the market.
  • During agility mode, players may lose control while learning but the remote allows its user to switch to stability mode for a chance to save the drone from crashing.

Main Features

  • Lightweight, fully assembled quadcopter
  • SAFE (Easy operation of drone)
  • 6-8 minutes of flying time
  • LED orientation lights
  • Silent EDF power system
  • Durable rotor housing (damage prevention)
  • 150mAh 1S 3.75V 25C Li-Po flight battery
  • Includes red and blue bodies
  • Blade-MLP transmitter with genuine Spektrum DSMX; 2.4GHz technology
  • USB Li-Po charger
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