Best Drones With Return Home Feature 2019

Drones started as simple helicopters where you can only navigate the drone with the joystick. Some of the functions are important, and some of them are just fancy. But in the end, all of the functions main feature is to help the pilot in navigation.

For commercial drones, it is important that an average person who has never flown a drone before having a positive first-time experience. And what will give the best first-time positive experience than auto return home or return home button?

As a new pilot you may lift your drone and fly it through the air, but without the function to return home safely, you may lose your drone for good by just flying it once. And I am pretty sure that many people who have the first time negative experience will not buy a second drone so fast.

Because fo these reasons drone manufacturers are now making the return home key a standard among the drones. But keep in mind that not all drones have this function. Bellow, you will be able to see the best drones with the return home function.

How Return to Home Function Work and When To Use It

Return to home function is a button on the navigation board which you click when you are done with flying. And once you click it the drone will fly back to you and all you need to dot hen is to pack it and go home. That function is handy for new pilots who may have some trouble to return drone to home manually.

Return to home function is also useful when things go wrong, and you lost control of the drone, or you just panicked, and you don’t know what to do. Then you push the button for return to home, and hopefully, the drone will fix your mistakes and return home safely without causing any damage to itself or to the property around.

Some drones even have an auto return to home feature. Whenever something goes wrong drone will return to home automatically. For example, if you leave the operation range and drone just lost connection with the controller the drone will automatically return to home. Low battery is another great feature, and you no longer need to worry about the battery levels. Once the drone sees that the battery is low, it will return back to home.

Top 20 Drones With the Return to Home Feature

ModelAir TimeOperating RangeBest Offer
Swellpro Waterproof Splash Drone 3 Auto164000m
Autel Robotics X-Star Premium252000m
GDU BYRD Premium 2.0 Drone292000m
GoPro Karma203000m
Veho Muvi Q-Series Q-120700m
Walkera Vitus 320281500m
DJI Phantom 4 Pro285000m
DJI Mavic Pro277000m
Hubsan H109S X4301500m
Yuneec Typhoon H251600m
AEE AP10 Toruk25500m
FLYPRO XEagle221000m
XIAOMI Mi Drone 4K273000m
DJI Spark162000m
MOTA GIGA-600015300m
Hubsan H501S X420300m
Holy Stone F181C8100m
UDI U28 Kestrel850m
UPair One191000m
Force1 F200W Shadow301000m

Swellpro Waterproof Splash Drone 3 Auto

Swellpro Splash

Recently Swellpro released their waterproof Splash Drone 3 which started on Kickstarter. After a very successful project on Kickstarter Swellpro Waterproof Splash Drone 3, Auto was born. This drone is 100% waterproof which means you can land it on water. And not only you can land this drone on the water, but also you can record videos underwater.

The drone has 4K UHD camera which guarantees amazing videos from the air but also in the water. For taking pictures, you can capture 16 megapixels images which means the photos will be crystal clear.

Splash 3 is a very powerful drone with strong motors. Maximum altitude is 4000 meters, and you can stay in the air with this drone up to 16 minutes.

There is also a fisherman version which has a payload release system for fishers to release their baits on a long distance. It can carry up to 2.5 pounds of fishing bait.

Such advanced drone has returned to home function. But that is not the only effective function you will get if you buy this drone. Many other cool features will help you fly this fantastic waterproof drone without problems.

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium


X-Star is really premium quadcopter made of an extremely durable material that makes this drone last for years. X-Star has great performance. It can take up to 3.52 pounds in the air which means that it can use considerable cameras to make amazing pictures. Because of that drone uses 4K UHD camera with 12 megapixels for taking pictures.

X-Star can stay up in the air for 25 minutes, and the operating range is up to 2000 meters.

With X-Star you can make amazing videos and shoot great pictures, because of that professional photographer like it. X-Star has many features that will help you fly the drone safely. And one of them is a return to home function. But this drone also has auto return home when the battery is getting low. And if you get critical low battery drone will not return home but it will go and land immediately on the spot. These features just make sure your drone stays in good shape and will not get destroyed by simple mistakes.

GDU BYRD Premium 2.0 Drone

GDU BYRD Premium

GDU is maybe not the most popular drone company, in fact, I believe you never hear of them before. But once you see this drone they made you will see that this is a high-quality piece of technology. Design of this drone is remarkably done, and this drone looks like it means business.

The main feature of this drone is folding. You can put this drone in your backpack and go wherever you want without any problems. Because of that professional photographers like to use this drone. The drone has terrific 4K UHD gimbal camera and operating range is up to 2000 meters. Extended operating range means that photographers can make amazing photos without much of traveling. And this beast can stay in the air up to 29 minutes. That is more than enough to make great pictures or shoot amazing videos.

This drone is built for serious professionals which job would suffer without a drone. But new pilots and new photographers who wish to start using a drone for taking the photos can fly this monster without any problems. Thanks to lots of fly assistance feature everyone can operate it. Return home feature is also there, and you will not bother with low battery, out of range problems and other incidents that require a safe return home.

GoPro Karma

GoPro Drone

Karma is not a famous drone, and I really don’t know why. The drone is fully compatible with GoPro cameras which should make the drone the most popular drone on the market since the GoPro cameras are one of the best action cameras in the world.

There is really nothing wrong with GoPro Karma, it has all the features and quality just like the competitors and is made of the high-quality material. It has long airtime of up to 20 minutes and long operating range.

Karma is also foldable drone, and you can easily carry the drone with you where ever you go. Because of that professional photographers love it. But the rest of the customers don’t really like the drone. Instead, they pick DJI Spark which is available at half price than GoPro Karma.

GoPro Karma also has return home function but unfortunately, some other flight assistance functions are not available and because of that is not recommended for entirely new pilots.

Veho Muvi Q-Series Q-1

Veho Drone

Muvi is one of the drones that will please your eyes. Colors and design are well done, but that is not all from the Veho company. This drone is powerful, it can stay in the air for 20 minutes, and you can choose from 3 different speeds. You can put this cute drone into sports mode and go for a race, or you can place it into eco mode and maybe even get more than 20 minutes of airtime.

You can mount cameras on this drone, and there is a 3-axis gimbal for taking better shots without too much of a trouble.

Drone is new pilots friendly because it has many flight assistance features. Return to home key is one of those features, but altitude hold with GPS is also helpful to new pilots. The drone also has follow me feature and tracking watch to make hands free content.

Walkera Vitus 320


Vitus 320 is foldable drone which most of the photographers like. You can walk with this drone in all areas of the planet and make amazing videos. Thanks to 3-axis gimbal and 4K UHD camera the videos you make will be of the highest possible quality.

Walkera Vitus 320 can stay in the air up to 28 minutes, and the operating range is around 1500 meters. But you should not worry if you get out of the range because Vitus 320 has return to home function. But that is not all, this drone also has an obstacle avoidance function which is one of the best functions because it can detect obstacles in three directions. It can see obstacles, forward, down, left and right.

Walkera is also one of the drone companies which reputation is not as strong as for example DJI. But still you can compare Walkera Vitus 320 with DJI Mavic Pro, and in some fields, Walkera is even better than well known Mavic Pro.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro


We can not make a list of drones without a few DJI models. DJI is still the leader in the drone manufacturing, and Phantom 4 series is still one of the best series out on the market. We don’t need to talk much about Phantom 4 Pro. The drone is powerful, and it comes at an affordable price. It can stay in the air up to 28 minutes and drone is very strong and fast. It can reach 44 miles per hour. 5 kilometers range is more than enough for any drone pilot.

For such a good price you also get a 720P live display which you can use for first-person view flying. But I don’t recommend doing that if you are new pilot.

DJI place a good gimbal on Phantom 4, and the camera has the highest possible resolution, 4K. That promises high-quality pictures and videos.

DJI drones are well known for their flight assistance features, and the DJI Phantom 4 Pro has all of them, including a return to home function.

DJI Mavic Pro


Personally, I can’t tell which drone is better, Phantom 4 Pro or Mavic Pro. Mavic Pro has some features that are unbelievable, features like 7 kilometers of operating range. And DJI Mavic Pro is foldable drone which means you can carry it comfortably with you.

DJI Mavic Pro can stay in the air for up to 27 minutes, and a maximum speed of the Mavic is 40 miles per hour. It is a fast drone, and if you are thinking to use maximum speed, you better know how to fly a drone.

Mavic Pro has many flight safety options, return to home is one of those, but there is also an obstacle avoidance system which will prevent the drone from crashing into objects. But please keep in mind that these are safety protocols, don’t test this intentionally by flying directly into the building.

Hubsan H109S X4


H109S is one of the best models from Hubsan company. The drone has the perfect design, and it looks like a real professional drone. This incredibly affordable drone can fly up to 30 minutes. For the price you are paying for this drone, it is the best deal.

Only problems may accrue if you are a professional photographer and you just need 4K UHD resolution, then this model is not for you because the maximum resolution for Hubsan H109S original camera is full HD, 1080P.

But if you are looking for a drone with all the options and all the fancy features then the Hubsan is a perfect buy. It has lots of failsafe protocols. Low battery alert will make the drone automatically land in the home position. And if the drone gets any other problems in the air he will immediately land. All of these features are making this drone one of the best beginners drones. It is powerful and can stay in the air for a long time and still have lots of safety measures which will prevent you from destroying it.

Yuneec Typhoon H


Typhoon H is hexacopter, it uses 6 motors. There are some differences when flying a quadcopter and hexacopter. But also hexacopters can lift more weight, and because of that, they can take stronger cameras.

Typhoon H uses 4K camera on a 3 axis gimbal. That puts this drone on photographers wish list. 25 minutes of flight time is just a dessert on top of the cake. But Yuneec implemented strong safety systems in this model. This drone also has an obstacle avoidance system. It can detect obstacles and automatically avoid them. That will assure a safe and stable flight even if the pilot is new to the drones.

Yuneec is also one of the well-known companies and probably the only company on the market that is competing with DJI. Yuneec guarantees quality.

AEE AP10 Toruk


Toruk is fast drone capable of 55 miles per hour and because of that is not recommended to new pilots. In fact, if you are not familiar with flying drones this drone is not for you. This drone requires some understandings of flying and because it is extremely fast drone accidents may happen.

AEE AP10 have a decent camera that is integrated into a drone. The camera can shoot 1080P videos and 16 megapixels photos. The drone can fly up to 25 minutes. You can also control this drone with a smartphone, but I would not recommend that if you are not a real expert with real knowledge of drone flying. Because controlling such a fast drone with a smartphone may lead to very disastrous accidents.

From safety protocols, the drone has GPS and return to home feature, so in case something terrible happens you can always return your drone home.



XEagle is one of the good-looking drones. The drone has real power, and it can lift bulky cameras, and because of that, it is capable of shooting videos in 4K resolution. But this drone is also new pilots friendly with all the safety protocols and fancy flight features. It has automatic landing and take off, it also has an option for circling the area, and return to home feature in case something bad happens.

This drone also has voice module through which you can give commands with a voice. If GPS signal is lost the drone will hold position and wait for control commands to prevent crashing. Also, it has a double compass so drone will never get lost. And low voltage protection as well as out of control protection will return drone home and land it without any incidents.

XIAOMI Mi Drone 4K


XIAOMI is a company that is well known in the world. They produce great smartphones and other electronics. Because of their expertise with electronics, they decided to jump into the drone world. And they cloned a DJI Phantom. XIAOMI Mi drone looks almost precisely like DJI Phantom.

XIAOMI also put lots of features in their model. Drone have one key features: return home, automatic landing and taking off. Also, the drone has low voltage protection, and you can use all other fancy features for taking amazing videos. Camera in XIAOMI drone is strong and capable of 4K resolution. Control distance for this drone is around 3000 meters, and the drone can stay up in the air for 27 minutes. These are fantastic results for such a good price.

DJI Spark


DJI Spark is one of the drones that recently shake the drone community. DJI Spark is a drone which is portable, and you can bring it with you wherever you go. The drone is made by DJI and has all of the fancy options that other DJI drones have. The only difference between DJI Spark and other DJI drones is that the Spark is built for people that love to take selfies. Because of that camera is integrated and it has some difficulties recording the land because of the camera position. But for making selfies, it is one of the best drones on the market.

The camera is capable of full HD resolution, and 12 megapixels photos will be more than suitable for taking selfies. From fancy options, there is a quick launch and gesture control. With gesture control, you can control the drone with your hands. The drone also has many other options as well as automatic return home if something goes wrong. With DJI Spark your flying is safe.


MOTA Drone

MOTA GIGA-6000 is one of the best commercial grade drones which is durable, strong and will not get destroyed so fast even if you crash it from high altitude. The drone can use powerful gimbals and is capable of carrying GoPro cameras.

Navigating assistance like follow me mode and dual GPS make this drone fly stable while you are filming the area. Return home feature in this drone can save your drone from flying away because once the drone exits the operating range, the drone will be returning home automatically.

Hubsan H501S X4


This is a second Hubsan drone on the list, and this one made a list because it has one of the best designs I have seen. But the drone is not just good looking, but it also has some useful features. Of course one of them is return to home when the drone gets in trouble, and others are like keeping the altitude and hovering while you are using full HD camera to shoot the land. The drone can also stay in the air for up to 20 minutes which is an amazing result for a drone that is under 200 dollars.

H501S is exceptionally affordable drone if you look at the features you get and the good-looking design. When drone stops working you can place it in your room as a souvenir.

Holy Stone F181C

Holy Stone

Nickname for this drone is Chaser, and we already mentioned this drone several times on the website. This drone is probably one of the best buy drones. It is under 100 dollars and for that money you get a lot. It has one key return home feature. It also has altitude hold and hovering mode which can help while you are filming with a 720P camera.

Drone is also a beginner’s friendly model because it has 4 speeds, low for beginners and the highest speed for experts. The drone can stay in the air for 8 minutes which is not remarkable if you compare it with other drones on this list but keep in mind that this drone is very affordable.

UDI U28 Kestrel


Another great drone with fantastic design and this one also have one of the best remote controllers. With this remote controller, you will really have a feeling that you are behind the wheels of something great. Remote controller also provides 720P first-person view, and you are capable of flying the drone by watching on the remote controller display.

Drone is easy to fly and because of that is recommended for beginners. Flying time is not the greatest but keep in mind that this drone price is around 100 dollars and 8 minutes of fly for that money is great.

UPair One


UPair One is one more drone that looks almost identical to DJI Phantom and is trying to provide the same features as the most famous DJI drone. But the performance of UPair One is not as high as the ones of the famous Phantom. UPair One can stay in the air for 19 minutes which is impressive but not even close to the time of DJI Phantom. Also, the control range is much smaller, only 1000 meters.

The camera on UPair One is not 4K, it is a 2.7K resolution which is a weird resolution, and not many cameras are using this resolution. But this drone has lots of fancy options like hovering, holding altitude, beginner mode, one key take off, route planning, follow me mode and return home. UPair One has strong return home function, you can use the button to return drone home, and the drone will return home automatically when low on battery or if it loses transmission from the remote controller.

Force1 F200W Shadow


Last on the list but not the worst. Far from that. Force1 provides one of the most amazing drones on the market. Outstanding design and good looking racing outfit please the eye of every drone enthusiast. But it is not all in looks, this drone is capable of many things. It can stay in the air for an incredible 30 minutes. It has an integrated camera that can shoot videos of 1080P resolution.

Remote Controller is also good with smartphone holder for FPV flying. But the most fantastic feature of this affordable drone is 3 return home modes. The drone will return automatically home when it loses signal and when on low voltage. Also if you like to return it home for whatever reason, you can use the return home button. That is a full feature of return home function. Because of fo that this drone is recommended for beginners.

This list of best drones with auto return home function is sorted randomly. That means that you need to pick the best drone by yourself. There are different types of drones on the list, some of them have a specific use, and some of them are not for beginners. So read the short reviews and make sure you pick the drone for your needs. The price range on this list is from low as 100 dollars to all the way to 2000 dollars. So everyone budget is covered.

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