What’s New on Beaver Lake by GoPro Karma

This fantastic family fun video over Beaver Lake is filmed by a GoPro Karma. GoPro Karma is one of those controversial drones that are not so popular in public. Maybe the reason for that is because drone enthusiasts expected something more from GoPro and their great cameras. But in this video, you can see GoPro Karma in action over the Beaver Lake. There is also a video of the GoPro Karma in the air; you can hear the noise and see this big drone in action.

You must give credit to the drone pilot who had big balls navigating this expensive drone over the lake. At some point, there was a hand grab from the boat that thankfully didn’t finish in the disaster like many other similar attempts we have seen over on YouTube.

Bryce Beeson is the drone pilot in the video, and you can visit his YouTube Channel for more videos filmed with his GoPro Karma drone.

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