Beautiful Croatia by Drone – 4H 4K Drone Video

I am sorry, but I just need to make this video of the month. It is almost 4 hours video of Croatia by Drone. A small country in Europe which nature is threatened by corrupt politicians. Thanks to 4K Relaxation Channel you can enjoy the perfect nature of Croatia. Enjoy it while it last because soon all the land will be most probably sold by the government to pay for pensions.

In this fantastic 4K resolution video you can see National Park Krka and Plitvice. Untouched nature made by god!!! Who else would have the power to create such beauty? But we know who has the power to destroy that (humans).

If you are traveling to Croatia, you can still check these places, and they still look pretty much as you see them in the video. Because of that don’t waste your time and see these amazing places with your own eyes. If you have a drone, maybe you can film the same video!

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