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How to Improve Your Drone Flying Skills

The sky is filled with new drones every day. The challenge is that the majority of these new drones have new pilots

WL Toys V676 Super Mini Drone Review

If you are seeking the small drone for indoors flying or just to have some fast fun flying, then you need to

Auschwitz From the Air Filmed by a Drone

BBC News published an amazing and scary video of Auschwitz that is shot entirely by a drone from the air. Auschwitz was

Chernobyl Nuclear Facility Filmed by Drone

Danny Cooke filmed this haunting video of Chernobyl nuclear facility and the ghost town of Pripyat. Pripyat had 50 000 citizens; now

Eachine H8S 3D – Small Drone for Newbies

Eachine H8S 3D is one of the most affordable drones on the market. Despite the fact, the lower price drone has many

Whale Family Filmed with Drone

Eric Sterman made one of the most amazing videos of all time with a drone. He filmed whales around the Hawaii coast.

Holy Stone HS170 – Quadcopter Review

Holy Stone is a company that makes pretty decent drones for a low price. That is the case with HS170 Predator model.

Eachine E010 UFO Like Drone

Eachine E010 is a mini drone with lots of fancy flying features. The drone looks like a UFO. Don’t mistake Eachine E010

Portugal: Madeira by DJI Inspire 1 Pro

Portugal is a beautiful country and Madeira is a place from some fantasy movie. But in this video filmed by a DJI

Flying Cars or Driving Drones

People are fascinated by flying for centuries. First airplane flights were funny, and many of the attempts to fly a plane were