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Parrot ANAFI – Foldable Premium Drone

Many drone enthusiasts where thinking that the Parrot company will leave the drone market and focus on something else. Reason for that

Christmas Lights on Rosewood Drive in Hesston

In December the best videos filmed by a drone are related to Christmas. The guys at Rosewood Drive in Hesston, KS have

Best Drones For Kids

Buying a drone is a hard thing. You need to look at many aspects and pick the best drone for your needs.

Amazing Video of Patagonia in 4K

LongeV Films bring us one of the best videos made with a drone on YouTube. In this 20 minutes long video you

Ryzen Tech Tello – DJI and Intel Drone

DJI and Intel put the brains together and help Ryzen Tech to release the new drone which goes by the name Tello.

Control Drones with a Power of Mind

Humans are looking for a way to control objects with mind since the sixties. But then people were focused more on controlling

Beautiful Croatia – 4H 4K Drone Video

I am sorry, but I just need to make this video of the month. It is almost 4 hours video of Croatia.

Lumberton N.C. – Catastrophic Flooding Catch by Drone

Catastrophic Hurricane Florence creates severe flooding in Lumberton N.C. Five rivers will break the records since 1999 and 2016 when Floyd and

DJI Mavic Pro 2 – New DJI Drone

DJI recently released a whole new model based on DJI Mavic Pro drone. DJI Mavic Pro stands for the best-selling drone not

4 Ways Drone Racing Can Grow As A Sport

Drone racing more or less came out of nowhere to become a popular fringe sport in the United States. While drones have