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What’s New on Beaver Lake by GoPro Karma

This fantastic family fun video over Beaver Lake is filmed by a GoPro Karma. GoPro Karma is one of those controversial drones

New Drone Technology From NASA Will Reduce Accidents

NASA is working on new technology that may make drones safer to fly. Drones need to be able to avoid accidents with

MJX Bugs 6 – Racing Drone

Bugs 6 is a mean racing drone built for beginners. Top speed of MJX Bugs 6 is 50 km/h. It is a

A Beautifully Refreshing Perspective On Real Estate with a Drone

This week we go with a slightly different video. Drones are getting used in real estate business for various purposes. In this

The Amazing Drones – Hi-Tech That Will Stop Death

Drones evolution is going on as we speak. Drones are entering all spheres of our lives, but now we are at the

Dubrovnik From the Air

We have moved to middle east Europe, to Croatia. One of the most beautiful cities all over the world is Dubrovnik. And

Jet Capsule – First Passenger Flying Drone?

The future is at the door. Jet Capsule company is working on a drone that will take two passengers up in the

DJI Spark – New DJI Drone for Everyone

DJI Spark is a new DJI drone model. It is more affordable than other drones from DJI company. The goal was to

St. Louis Gateway Arch from the Sky

Dannydaw59 is the user who created an amazing video of St. Louis Gateway Arch. Gateway Arch is the monument dedicated to the

SKEYE Pico Drone – World Smallest Drone

TRNDlabs is the creator of this tiny drone. They are experts in making small drones. They SKEYE Nano Drone comes with HD