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UFO Drone

Homeless Man Mistakes Drone for a UFO

A popular trending YouTube video dubbed as, “An attempt to kidnap an Earthling” was taken from a quadrotor helicopter “drone” in Northern Russia shows a frightened homeless man trying to hide while running away from a drone.

Andrey Ganichev, who owns the drone, is from the town of Kovdor in Murmansk Region. He transferred and uploaded the video, to the Russian social network Vkontakte. The video which is set against stirring thrilling background music was later uploaded to YouTube.

When the man in the video realizes that he cannot hide he unleashes an armory of nonexistent guns at the “UFO.” The homeless man runs desperately and tries to take cover as he notices the drone humming over the cold street.

Recently many unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings have turned out to be simply identified objects like weather balloons, satellites, planets, standard craft, weather, and different normal things.

The drone, which is the most recent technology, has been added to the growing list of misidentified things in the sky that several folks claim are ships from another part of the universe. The downside with this is that: Not solely do these remote controlled objects appear like UFOs or alien craft, plenty of them are deliberately created to look like UFOs or alien craft.

At first, the man does the most common thing a human being could do in such a situation he runs and tries to cover his head with a coat. He takes cover between two cars parked close-by. The unmanned drone pursues on, which gives the man no other choice than to fall back on the deadliest defenses he has in hand: an imaginary shotgun and a lethal grenade. The man moves on and appears to pick up something from the ground which he throws at the drone. Unfortunately, you don’t get the chance to see the extent of the harm caused by the weapons brought onto the drone as it veers away.

The video has turned into a web sensation scoring thousands of views in a matter of days. At the same time, it has evoked mixed responses. Some fiction movie lovers have fantasized that SkyNet from the Terminator or City 17 from Half-Life 2 is coming to life. Whereas some have claimed that the entire ordeal was stage managed. Some viewers didn’t find anything funny at all. Instead, they focused on the fact that the operator of the drone was harassing the homeless man and perhaps he was mentally unstable.

The clip drove home the point that humanity and Earth aren’t in any way ready to face the extraterrestrials or submit to automated machinery.

The possibility of outsiders visiting Earth or having visited earth has been permeating through human thoughts for quite a long time. The endless science fiction books and motion pictures, for example, the recent film “Arrival” depicts the intensity by which humans think of such occurrences. But it’s not yet clear how we would manage the real happening.

Space experts have drawn up a progression of recommended moves to be made after the identification of a signal from an alien civilization. However, it appears that no such progress has been achieved on E.T’s. landing here, said veteran outsider seeker Seth Shostak.

“I don’t know about any convention if they arrive,” said Shostak, a senior space expert at Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) in, California.

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