Apple Park Filmed With Phantom 3 Pro

Apple Park was opened in April 2017 as a new Apple Inc. Headquarters. Location of this new headquarters is in California. News media calls this fantastic building “The Spaceship.” It looks like a large drone that will take off.
All area in Apple Park is well planned because Steve Jobs wanted it to be as natural as possible. Many plants are planted, and the whole area will have a green, eco-friendly taste.

This new huge Apple campus will have space to house more than 12 000 employees. Only the land cost over 160 million dollars. When everything is combined together, the whole campus will cost over 5 billion dollars.

Now in this video, you can see an amazing building and surrounding area and enjoy the futuristic architectural style from the air with a drone that has 4K ultra high definition camera.

The drone that was used in this video is DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

Filmed by Maverick Media

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