Amazing Hispanola Tropical Coast in Dominican Republic

Hispanola is a small island in North America. It belongs to the Dominican Republic, and in this video, you can enjoy in one hour of relaxing music and beautiful beaches. The beaches are amazing with beach sand and completely clean sea that wash the sand with the waves.

Inside the island, you can see green trees, jungle-like place. Thanks to the DJI Mavic 2 Pro you can enjoy the view from the air. Drone pilot has balls to go over the sea to give you an astonishing view of the Hispanola coast. Trust me you have never been to this kind of beaches. So many sand beaches I have never seen in my life. If you are planning your next travel, maybe the Dominican Republic is the destination for you. Until then, enjoy this video and the beauty that Hispanola offers.

All credits go to LoungeV Films and their amazing Youtube Channel that provides relaxing music and nature sounds.

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