The Amazing Drones – Hi-Tech That Will Stop Death

Drones evolution is going on as we speak. Drones are entering all spheres of our lives, but now we are at the doors of essential drone usage. Using drones to save people’s lives is the noblest usage of drones. If we succeed in this field, I am sure that drones future is bright.

Defibrillator Drone

Drone delivering a package with Defibrillator

Scientist From Sweden Working on Drones with Defibrillators

Scientists from Karolinska Institue from Sweden are researching if drones can save people’s lives by delivering defibrillators faster to the patient than regular ways trough ambulance. They have run numerous simulations, and so far the number is 16 minutes faster delivery of defibrillators via drones. And reducing time is the key factor when dealing with cardiac arrest. Sadly only 10% of people with cardiac arrest out of hospital survive, and the reason for that is the slow delivery of defibrillators. Using the regular traffic is getting a problem every day, traffic is dense and the delivery time is every day getting longer and longer.

How Will Drone With Defibrillators Work?

That drones need to be fast and have a long flight time. Payload needs to be enough to carry a defibrillator. The drone will need to have speakers to give instructions about how to use a defibrillator. Professional drone pilots will be of the highest importance.

Drone pilot will start the drone and fly to the emergency area, the drone will have an HD camera and will record everything that is going on in real time. If the patient requires electroshock, then the drone will give clear instructions on what you need to do to start defibrillator. With this method, many lives can be saved because defibrillators actually save lives when applied on time. All you need is a good drone with excellent specifications and performance, defibrillators small enough to be carried on the drone and a good drone pilot.

Theoretically, this works, but in practice, we are far away from using drones in medical care with defibrillators. Many people who may be on the emergency spot will not be able to use defibrillator for various reasons, they may be scared, in shock or even not smart enough to use. That’s why education on using defibrillators should start today in schools and together with CPR children should learn about defibrillator usage. Then when drones with defibrillators get the green light for use in medical care, we have a large population that knows how to use them.

We are aware that drone regulations all over the world are getting strict and many usages of drones are controversial. Drones used in the military to deploy bombs is one of the most controversial uses of drones, but police recently are using drones on home ground to spy on people and believe it or not, drop bombs as well. Remember the incident in Dallas where MARCbot was used to deliver the bomb near the suspect and blow him up?

If that incident already happened, then we should see medical care drones in really near future saving lives.

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