Amazing Bermuda Video Made by Drone in 4K UHD Resolution

This amazing drone video is made by Nature Relaxation Films, and the primary purpose of the video is to watch the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and a place called Bermuda.

Bermuda is an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda is a part of the Bermuda Triangle or so-called Devils Triangle. Bermuda Triangle is a triangle between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida. Bermuda Triangle is known by a heavy storm spot where many Hurricanes eat too many boats. And because of that, this triangle is also called a Devils Triangle.

But in this video you won’t see any scary things, you will see the beauty of the blue sea, fishes in the sea as well as sunk boats. This drone video is about one hour long and in the background is relaxing music which makes this drone video ideal thing to run on your big TV screen for relaxation after a hard working day. Enjoy!

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