Aleppo – Destroyed Syrian City

For April, I decided to go with a slightly political video. It is about the Syrian town Aleppo. Aleppo was a city in Syria with 4,6 million people. It was the largest Syrian city before the war.
Aleppo is known as an old city with lots of historic buildings which are now destroyed and will never be restored again because nobody can live in a town that is so much destroyed.

Because of that for the April I decided to go a little bit controversial and post a drone video from Euronews about the Aleppo city today. Aleppo is today totally destroyed which you can see in the drone footage. The sad story is that the drone that made this footage can be called a good drone and the drones that probably bombed some parts of the city may be called a bad drones, do you agree?

Write in the comments which side is to blame for this destruction.

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