Aftermath Footage – Orange County California

The fantastic but sad video was made by BensbergFilms YouTube channel. It is drone footage of the fire aftermath that happened a few weeks ago in Orange County, California. In that hell of fire 7500 acres were burnt and 24 structures destroyed.

It was havoc in Orange County, people were evacuated from cities, more than 1000 firefighters were fighting the fire, and people lost lives. The situation in California was extremely nasty. But what was the cause of the fire and was it accidental or intentional we will never know for sure. But what we do know is that climate is changing, whatever president of the United States of America says, California is hot, and it was never so hot before, and all of this contributes to accidental fires which then spreads like cancer through the dry woods and fields. And there is no way to stop that fire once it started.

Future of California is at stake. Who can live in an environment that can burn in a second, who would invest the time and money to build a home that can be gone the next day?

And not only people’s lives and homes are lost, but the state is losing money whenever the fire starts. Maybe it is time to pull the heads from the bag and face it that something is very wrong with a climate. In winter we have extremely cold weather that freezes half the country. Then we have a fire that burns everything and leaves havoc behind, hurricanes and tornados. When will the power to see that something need to be done with these problems?

Thanks to the drones we can now see what damage is done to the state. You can see all the burn houses, lands and what have left once the fire is gone. That drone video is proof that something needs to be done with the fire problem in California.

Equipment used to make this video:
Canon S110
DJI Mavic Drone
Canon 60D
GoPro 3+ Black Edition
Sony Vegas Pro

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