A few years ago my friend and I first got in touch with drones. These drones were toys that right now are no longer on the market. They were cheap but funny to fly.

We installed custom cameras to shoot great photos in unusual locations. With some time we were more and more hook on the drones. We played with many types of drones. My friend likes drones with cameras because he wants to shoot great videos from the air. And I am more into drone racing and stunt flying. My favorite drones are waterproof drones because I love to fly low and what is the best are to fly low than over the water.

On this website, we would like to share our knowledge about drones and help you decide which drone is best for you. There are many drones, and you can get lost in many options, features, and specifications.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us trough our contact page.

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